Membership options

Our workouts are designed to be completed with no or minimal equipment at home, or they can be tailored for the gym if you’d prefer. To see examples of our workouts please visit our instagram page where we have a selection of mini workouts that you can try for free before choosing your membership option. Our workout plans are delivered through an app, with clear instructions and videos for all exercises. You can also contact us directly through the app, so if you have any questions or need any advice we’re right on hand.

Once you’ve decided that EMBody30 is for you, you just need to select which package you’d like.

1:1 Personal Training
If you’re looking for 1:1 sessions, please click here

EMBody30 – Monthly subscription – £20 per month
Various workouts available based on different fitness levels – beginner, intermediate and advanced. As well as a 6 week intensive programme, Couch to 5k, plus more added regularly. Direct access to us for help and advice through the app. You can select which programme is right for you based on your current fitness level, and swap as and when you feel you’re ready to move on.

EMBody30 – Annual subscription – £240 per annum
You receive exactly the same as the Monthly Subscription but you just pay once a year, you also get early access to any new programmes.

EMBody30 – Bespoke fitness plan subscription – £75 per month
If you have a specific event you’re training for, you’ve recently recovered from an injury, have a medical condition, or you want a bespoke fitness plan then this is the right package for you. You receive a full fitness assessment prior to starting, and then a fitness programme specifically for you and your goals.

EMBody30 – Postnatal programme – £60 per month
Designed to stabilise and strengthen your core. Alongside building strength and mobility throughout your whole body. This programme has been created to help with postnatal recovery, including diastasis recti, pelvic floor weakness and posture correction.

So if you’re ready to start your fitness journey with EMBody30, just click the button below and we’ll take you straight to the registration page so you can sign up to the right package for you!

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