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Getting your body moving more is great but if you’re not eating the right food in the right amounts seeing results will take much longer to achieve. Not every body is the same, and most of the advice out there is based on being ‘average’ but what is average?!

At EMBody30 we can provide you with specific advice and recommendations based on you and your body. By completing a food diary we can assess where you’re at and where you need to make simple changes to your diet to achieve the best results. This will include letting you know how many calories you need to consume on days when you’re not working out, how many calories on your workout days and, macronutrient recommendations to help fuel your workouts so you don’t lack energy or feel fatigued.

All of our advice is based on a healthy, balanced diet. We like you to use food to fuel your workouts and therefore we don’t push fad diets or meal replacements etc.

If you choose our full membership option we will send you the food diary template to complete, we will then review this and get back to you with our recommendations. As your workout progresses we will reassess your diet and make sure it’s tailored for you and working correctly, adapting if necessary and helping achieve your goals quicker.

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