Here you can view my client transformations and also their reviews of my programmes.

Results from my recent 6 week challenge:

Bespoke training plan:
Lauren’s review
I’ve always been into exercise but during lockdown my workouts were becoming less enjoyable and I was struggling to get motivated at home. I spoke to Emma about my goals and how I had been finding exercise and she instantly made me feel at ease. I’ve been following a tailor made plan and it’s made such a difference! It’s given me a new focus and Emma is always on hand to offer advice whether it’s nutrition or just generally when you’re having an “off day” and not feeling like a workout. My fitness levels also improved massively within the first 4 weeks. I would highly recommend Emma to anyone looking to get fitter, lose weight or just for that extra push if, like me, you’re already exercising but need a boost to help you achieve your goals.

Results after 7 weeks

Nic’s review:
Emma’s 7 week programme was perfect for getting me motivated and in to a routine again.  The 30 minute workouts fit in to my lunch break meaning there was no excuses to get it done! Even from week 2 I could feel myself getting stronger and fitter. The range of exercises mixed with cardio stopped me from getting bored and Emma was always there if I had any questions or needed a motivational kick! Emma has helped to improve my fitness, strength, stamina and self-confidence. I would definitely recommend her programmes to anyone, whether you want to get started in fitness or challenge yourself to something new. 

Louise’s review:
I was a bit nervous to start the 7 week intensive program but Emma soon made me feel confident and pushed me to meet challenges every session. She gave me advice about nutrition which was easy to follow and not a restrictive diet. 
After finishing the program my strength has improved, my weight has dropped, I’ve toned up and my stamina has improved. I’ve never really stuck to any exercise program before as I get bored quite quickly but these programs are different every day and work on all parts of your body.
I would definitely recommend Embody30 if you’re wanting a realistic way of getting into shape. Emma is an amazing PT who knows how to challenge you and support you throughout the whole program! I can’t wait to start a new program with Embody30

Kate’s review:
I’ve been regularly running for a while now but whilst this kept me cardio fit, I wanted something to give me more strength and tone. I did the 7 week programme and after only 3 weeks, I could start to feel the difference. At the end of the programme, I feel stronger and much more comfortable in my clothes. I’ve noticed it especially around my waist, my shape is starting to change and the lumps and bumps are going. The workouts are a maximum of 30 minutes and I pop a Netflix show on in the background and it’s done before I know it! Emma’s nutrition advice was flexible, sensible and it was easy to fit changes in without overhauling your diet completely. This programme has been brilliant for me and I’ve just signed up for the 3 month intermediate programme to continue the journey!

Results from my 6 week intensive programme

Selena’s review:
At the end of August, following lock down over indulgence, I decided to take the plunge and sign up to Embody’s Six Week Intensive Challenge.  I had messaged Emma beforehand to let her know and when I signed up, she emailed me the plan!  In addition, I had access to the Embody App, where I could record all my sessions, upload my before photo’s (not a pretty sight) and my measurements.  

Here we go I thought, put my weekly plan on my calendar in the kitchen, each week was split between 3 cardio workouts (I love to run, so this was mine) and 3 HiiT workouts, one upper, one core and one lower.  The first couple of weeks were tough going, I prefer to work out in the morning and despite them being hard work initially, I felt ten times better afterwards, where there were exercises that I found hard, Emma helped me with other methods of work outs that would focus on the same area.  

By week 3, I was feeling the difference and beginning to like Burpee’s (I know!), my half way photo’s and measurements were also showing the difference and Emma reassured me not to worry too much about the weight not shifting, the measurements and how I felt about myself were most important.  I loved the HiiT workouts, as they were not too time consuming and had finished them within 30-40 minutes, which fits my daily routine perfectly.

I completed week 6 yesterday and wow, what a difference….I have lost 4 inches off my waist, 2 inches off my arms, 2 inches off my hips and lost just shy of half a stone.  I feel much stronger and going forward I will be continuing HiiT workouts at least twice a week, in addition to my running.

Thank you Emma so much, you are helpful and realistic when it comes to achieving goals, I would absolutely recommend Embody 30 for personal support and great workouts.

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