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7 step guide to healthy eating

A healthy diet does not have to be complicated, keep it simple and take it step by step. Click below to download my 7 step guide…

Diastasis recti

If you’ve had a baby it’s always worth checking if you have diastasis recti (abdominal separation). It doesn’t matter if you had your baby 6 weeks, 6 months, 6 years or 16 years ago, if you don’t do the correct exercises your separation might never heal. During pregnancy it’s completely normal for your abdominal musclesContinue reading “Diastasis recti”

Food and your body

If you’re interested in eating a healthier diet, or want to overhaul your diet completely it can be difficult to know where to start. Making sure you have a balanced diet is key – cutting things out and depriving yourself isn’t sustainable and in the long run isn’t healthy. Plus if you’re cutting out carbs,Continue reading “Food and your body”

Building a strong core

Building a strong core isn’t just about having a six pack. In fact your abs only play a small part in your core, so doing 100 sit ups everyday isn’t going to work. The best exercises are the ones that work all of your torso muscles together, creating a strong balanced core. A weak andContinue reading “Building a strong core”

How fit are you?

It’s never been more important to give your fitness a check-up. Especially your cardiorespiratory fitness. Cardio health is really easy to improve with just a few simple tweaks to your normal daily life. As a minimum we should be doing 150 minutes a week of moderate to intense exercise, this could be a brisk 30Continue reading “How fit are you?”

Running vs Skipping

We all know cardio is good for you and we should all be doing it, but there are lots of people who hate running, I get it, it sometimes isn’t fun. Whether you prefer to run on a treadmill or outdoors, ideally you should be doing it for 30 minutes, which isn’t always practical, especiallyContinue reading “Running vs Skipping”

Improving your posture

Lots of people have issues with their posture which can cause pain and discomfort. Having bad posture can also affect your workout, if certain muscles aren’t working correctly then other muscles will over compensate, meaning you’re likely to have muscle imbalances. Muscle imbalances can cause injuries and they can also slow down your fitness progressContinue reading “Improving your posture”

Not all salads are boring!

When I think about healthy lunches, my go to is always a salad. And it gets boring really quickly, and they’re not always very filling. But a salad doesn’t have to be lettuce based, there are some great recipes out there that are really filling, healthy and look amazing! One of my favourite recipes isContinue reading “Not all salads are boring!”

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