How to…Sign up and get started on my app

If you’ve been thinking about starting a new fitness programme but you’re not sure where to start or what you might get once you’re signed up. I’ve created a short video showing you where the key info is for each membership option and also how you set up your account and navigate your way aroundContinue reading “How to…Sign up and get started on my app”

Improving your posture

Lots of people have issues with their posture which can cause pain and discomfort. Having bad posture can also affect your workout, if certain muscles aren’t working correctly then other muscles will over compensate, meaning you’re likely to have muscle imbalances. Muscle imbalances can cause injuries and they can also slow down your fitness progressContinue reading “Improving your posture”

The best equipment for working out at home

Going to the gym isn’t always an option for everyone, especially at the moment! So if you’re going to invest in some equipment to use at home but you don’t know where to start, or what would be most useful, I’ve out together a guide of the key pieces that would make working out atContinue reading “The best equipment for working out at home”