I’m a mother of two daughters sharing her journey towards a happier and healthier life, one rep at a time.

I’ve always struggled getting into a routine with fitness, always feeling like it meant a trip to the gym and would take up at least a couple of hours each time.

In 2015 I started making changes in my lifestyle with how I viewed food and exercise. This journey has certainly had its ups and downs!

Once I found that shorter, focused workouts were more beneficial, and much easier to fit into my busy life I started feeling more energised, happier, and my confidence grew.

It’s become a mission of mine to help others feel empowered to find their own way of living a healthier life. Which is why I trained as a Level 3 Personal Trainer, specialising in Female Fitness and also Pre & Post Natal Fitness.

I believe that fitness is not about the perfect body it’s about getting your life together, overcoming fears, and building self confidence. Fitness will always be a continuous evolution of discovering who you are meant to be.

My hope is that by sharing my fitness journey you find a sense of connection to your own.

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