Improving your posture

Lots of people have issues with their posture which can cause pain and discomfort. Having bad posture can also affect your workout, if certain muscles aren’t working correctly then other muscles will over compensate, meaning you’re likely to have muscle imbalances. Muscle imbalances can cause injuries and they can also slow down your fitness progress if certain muscles aren’t working correctly.

Some of the main postural problems people have are a weak lower back, curved shoulders and lazy glutes, especially if you spend a lot of the day sitting down or like me, carrying and feeding a baby. Being in the same position for long periods of time causes these problems, but by doing some simple exercise each day will help alleviate the tension and strengthen your muscles.

The following exercises will help strengthen your upper and lower back and make sure your glutes are activated.
Exercise 1 – bent over row x 10
Exercise 2 – bent over reverse fly x 10
Exercise 3 – glute bridge x 10
Exercise 4 – seated row – x 15
Exercise 5 – crab walk x 12 per side
Exercise 6 – superman x 12
Repeat for 3 sets

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