The best equipment for working out at home

Going to the gym isn’t always an option for everyone, especially at the moment! So if you’re going to invest in some equipment to use at home but you don’t know where to start, or what would be most useful, I’ve out together a guide of the key pieces that would make working out at home feel like you’ve been to the gym.

If you’re new to exercise then you don’t necessarily need any equipment, you can use items from your home and your bodyweight to form a great workout – old milk cartons filled with water make a great substitute for dumbbells. A chair can be used instead of a step, and is also good for creating an incline for push-ups and planks as well as tricep dips.

If you want to invest in some proper equipment then I find the following items are key to enhancing your workout at home.

  1. Yoga mat
  2. Dumbbells
  3. Resistance bands
  4. Foam roller

Just having those 4 pieces can really add to your workout, and take it to the next level without you spending a fortune.

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